Monday, July 11, 2016

Totus Tuus

ONE MORE WEEK?! It is so close. Last week I decided to finally get started on my "pilgrimage" scrapbook. Going through the pictures from WYD 2011 in Spain brough me so much joy and often I found myself just smiling while staring at the pictures. I look forward to finishing the other half of the album with memories from Poland when I return. I had a couple of thoughts that I reflected on a lot as I created these pages...guess it's sharing time! :P

Aside from the beautiful sights to see, the delcious food, the magnificant architecture, and the lovely people I met, I had a tremendous "ah-ha!" moment on this piligrimage in Madrid.

It was during the day of the vigil mass. Majoirty of the journey was on foot in massive crowds under the beaming sun. There were several moments of "WHY", "UGH", and "I WANT TO STOP". I can still picture the exact uphill street that we were walking on after we had left the vigil site. As I felt the sweat drip from my head and my legs burning with each step, I suddenly had this eye-opening, real feeling that Jesus carried the ultimate cross for me. Of course I always knew this but I think this was the moment where it went from my head to my heart. It was humbling. It was powerful. It was Jesus. The struggles I was going through during that walk was nothing compared to the pain and suffering of Jesus. When I face struggles now, large or small, I think back to this moment and remind myeslf that Jesus will never give me a challenge that I cannot overcome. I will be holding these thoughts close as I am sure there will be "UGH" moments on our journey in Poland.

Top left picture is the previous night when we attempted to go to the vigil site but we got hit with a big rain storm and decided to head back. You can't really tell, but even in a storm with an inverted umbrella our faces are glowing with joy <3 

The second thing I kept thinking about was "Totus Tuus". I first came across it while reading 33 Day to Morning Glory. In the chapter about Saint John Paul II, I came across "Totus Tuus" for the first time. Well fun fact, it wasn't actually the first time...I just didn't realize it. You can't see it but in the bottome right picture where I am posing with JPII's statue...beaneath his feet are the words!! Like I JUST noticed those words there now...whoa... Oh btw, "Totus Tuus" was JPII's motto and it means "Totally Yours" in Latin. I just felt so connected to these words. Maybe because it's in Latin, and the sound of Latin is o0o0o0. Maybe it's because it was JPII's motto and JPII was super awesome. Whatever it is, the words resonated in my heart. I pray that on the upcoming journey to Poland, that I keep these words close to my heart and allow God to do his thing. For Him to open my mind, heart, and soul to recieve whatever He has in store for me because at the end of the day Lord, I am totus tuus.

After writing this post I am starting to feel it ya''s going to be amazing and I am so excited to be on this trip with such an amazing group of people. I'm not as involved at SFX as I use to be but when I am around you all, it feels like home. Oh, remember...6am. At airport. Tuesday. We got dis. 

Much love,
Liz (Li :P) 


  1. Liz, you had an encounter with Jesus, an ah-ha moment will walking to Vigil! Didn't know until you post this.

  2. Liz, you had an encounter with Jesus, an ah-ha moment will walking to Vigil! Didn't know until you post this.