Thursday, July 21, 2016


On our second day in Warsaw we learned about Polish culture and history.

In the morning we spent two hours in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.  It covered over a thousand years of history in a vast number of interactive exhibits.  I think we all agreed that we could have spent more time at the museum as we were needed to rush through even with two hours.

After lunch we had some free time.  Thomas was recruited by Fr. Kuba to participate in a WYD interview.  Some others of us explored the observation terrace at the Palace of Culture and Science.  From 30 floors up, the palace offered stunning views of the city below.

In the evening we joined a diocesan-wide concert in Pilsudski Square.  This was the first time we have met other pilgrims from around the world.  We also bumped into Ms. Chiu, who taught a number of our pilgrims at SFX elementary.

After the concert, we grabbed a snack from McDonald's, and headed back home to sleep.

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