Friday, July 22, 2016


After breakfast with our host families, we met up at church.

The morning consisted of a pilgrimage to two churches in the Old Town.  The first we visited was St. Mary's Church.  After praying for a few moments in the chapel, we had the unique experience of being able to climb up to the tower and look at the Old Town below.  We were also able to explore the basement below.  I don't think either of these places are open to the public.

We then walked a few steps down the road to the next church: St. John's Cathedral.  The Cathedral also had an expansive crypt which many of us explored.

After this we had a little free time to explore the Old Town.  Some of us tried some lody (ice cream).

After lunch back at the parish, we toured the church of St. Andrew Bobola, our host parish, since we never actually went into the church until this point in time.  We then sat down for a concert outside the church.

There was Mass and Eucharistic Adoration outside in the evening as well.

Afterwards we went back to our host families for a late supper.

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