Monday, July 25, 2016


Today was a very very long day.

After breakfast with our host families, we said farewell to them.  A lot of tears were shed, as it was difficult to part ways with our host families who have been so hospitable to us over the past week.  They have given us a place to stay, breakfast in the mornings, supper in the evenings, and have taken us out to the parish and to places around the city.  The volunteers and Fr. Kuba at the parish of St. Andrew Boboli also were so generous with their time with us.  We couldn't thank all of them enough.

The bus ride to Kraków took about six hours, including rest stops.  The route took us over two-lane roads winding through the Polish countryside and small villages.

At the conclusion of the long bus ride, we checked into our hotel, Daisy Superior, and went to Portobello, a nearby Italian restaurant for dinner.

Although we were sad to leave Warsaw, we are excited to be in Kraków to start our week of the main World Youth Day events.

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