Wednesday, July 27, 2016


This morning we start the first of our three days of catechesis—talks from various cardinals and bishops.

We were excited to have Cardinal Archbishop Dolan of the archdiocese of New York be our first catechist.

He was a very vibrant speaker and talked about how we cannot procrastinate with our faith.  We have to decide to want God now.  Also, in regard to showing our faith to other people, we should not be at the two extremes by being "bible thumpers" or by not talking about our faith at all; we should show virtues of joy and peace in our daily lives.

After we grabbed lunch from a food truck zone, we made our way to the Divine Mercy Sanctuary and the John Paul II Sanctuary for the Pilgrimage of Mercy.  However, we found that the lineups were too long.

We turned back and headed towards Tauron Arena for Life Teen's XLT Eucharistic Adoration event.

Even though we were an hour early, we were unable to make it in due to the large crowds already in the arena.

We went back to the Old Town to have dinner at Chimera.  Then we went back to St. Mary's Basilica for adoration since we couldn't get into XLT.

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